"I would not be one of those who will foolishly drive a nail into mere lathe and plastering; such a deed would keep me awake at nights.  Give me a hammer, and let me feel for the furrowing.  Do not depend on the putty."

- Thoreau


For thirty years, Marty Goldberg has worked with company founders, senior executives, and employees to revitalize their organizations and make the most of their individual and leadership talents for collective impact and excellence.

He has structured and facilitated hundreds of meetings, both large and small, dealing with creative approaches to organizational improvement across Fortune 500, federal, state and local government, and not-for-profit enterprises.  He has coached and mentored hundreds of employees and leaders at all levels to reach for more in their work and organizational lives.

He has been an executive responsible for recruiting, profitably growing, and directing a change management and human capital consulting group of 150 people as part of a major, global consulting firm, driving annual sales of over $65M and net revenue of over $30M across some 40 projects at a time. 

He knows what it is to really develop and empower up-and-coming leaders to take the reins of a business, and has been described by one CEO as "a safe pair of hands" to ensure the future of the business he's been charged with.

A thought leader who was the chief architect of a change methodology used worldwide on hundreds of major technology, process, and organizational projects, Marty has spoken at conferences and published pathbreaking material on change in public bureaucracies and on the relationship of individual, group, and organizational dynamics.

He holds an advanced degree with honors from one of the top organization development practitioner programs in the world, and has also trained with an innovative school in psychodynamics as they relate to organizational culture.

Twice, from the inside of billion dollar firms he was part of for more than a dozen years each, he has seen first hand the life and death of institutions.  In the first instance, he saw, and helped contribute to, what it takes in leadership spirit and will to successfully come back from the brink of failure; in the second instance, he was witness to a repeated failure of top level strategic reflection that doomed the enterprise.

Despite his achievements and opportunity to begin anew with another major international consulting firm, Marty himself felt something was missing from what he still personally wanted to accomplish and felt needed to be offered--hence the founding of Distant Drummer LLC.  

With no other service agenda, he wanted to create a place exclusively dedicated to providing senior leaders with trusted counsel for strategic reflection, in-depth listening and dialogue, and to promote and encourage human understanding and excellence in work and life.

His career in organizational change and development spanned a fourteen year affiliation with BearingPoint and its predecessor KPMG companies, having served as Managing Director and Practice Leader of its Public Sector Change Solutions Group.  Prior to joining KPMG in 1995, Marty was with Imperial Bank in Los Angeles for fourteen years, serving as Vice President of Organization Development.  In 2009, he joined Deloitte Consulting, as part of its BearingPoint Federal acquisition and member of the Operating Committee, to support the transition and integration of key resources, before deciding to leave large-firm life to establish Distant Drummer.

He studied the history of ideas at Reed College and UCLA, and earned his Master's degree in Pepperdine University's MSOD program.  He has spoken at events with the National Academy of Public Administration, the American Society of Public Administration, The George Washington University Center for Innovation in Public Service, Project World, and the OD Network.  He has taught organizational behavior and change topics at The College of William and Mary's Mason School of Business and The Catholic University of America.  Marty was lead author of "Organization Development and Human Resources: Why the Uneasy Alliance?" in the Fall 2010 issue of the OD Practitioner, as well as "A New Generation of Change Solutions in Public Bureaucracies" in the Fall 2008 issue of The Public Manager.  His Master's thesis, based on the controversial psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich's teachings applied to the organizational realm, was published in its entirety.  His work has also appeared in Designing Effective Organizations: Traditional and Transformational Views and Total Quality.

His first job as a fifteen year old and through college was with famed guitar string entrepreneur Ernie Ball in his original retail music store in Tarzana, California.

Marty is a father, musician, and writer, and
resides in Easton, Maryland on the Eastern Shore.