"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put the foundations under them."

- Thoreau

Deep Conversation Series   
Engaging and providing leaders a "safe harbor" to think, talk, and ponder fundamental business issues at a deeper and more
sustained level than they may normally take the time to do--and likely culturally "out of the box"--amidst the hectic pace and noise of everyday operating demands.  Available in one-on-one and executive team formats.

Leadership Counsel & Coaching
Evoking reflective thinking--with heart, purpose, and courage--to enhance leadership effectiveness.  Listening and dialoguing
with leaders from a "first principles" perspective to help them consider what is most important to them, then frame, think through, and extend their capabilities and skills in addressing topics including organizational agenda and mission; transition to new roles; and human renewal and performance excellence.

Vital Change   
Providing leaders of significant organizational initiatives perspective and insight to understand the most important human change problems likely to stand in the way of successful execution--including how they affect and are affected by them--then co-creating with them building-block strategies to meet the challenges and capitalize on opportunities.  Used preemptively at the outset of major programs, but can be tailored for in-progress efforts running into trouble.

Organizational Revitalization   
Working with executives and their teams on imagining and envisioning the organizational future of the enterprise; co-conceiving renewal strategies, initiatives, and projects for galvanizing impact; and providing one-on-one consultation and group facilitation to support desired movement.

Organization Character Dynamics   
Understanding deeply embedded organizational patterns of dysfunction--in tacit assumptions, thinking, decision making, and stereotypical ways of acting and reacting--that bind constructive energy, spill-out into wasteful and damaging conflicts, and that  seriously impair the enterprise's productive functioning, growth, and future.  Includes an assessment and narrative study that describes how the fundamental dynamics play out, with executive team facilitated forum.  Predecessor to Organizational Revitalization, where significant, chronic dysfunction exists, and in conjunction with Leadership Counsel & Coaching.